Financial Life Planning

Without context to our work we believe it is very difficult to provide any meaningful guidance and advice to you.  In fact, the danger is we will be shooting at the wrong targets!

By taking the time to really get to know you and what understand your ambition, we are able to capture your deep life goals and then, by evaluating investible capital, a range of scenarios can be scrutinised to provide you with your own financial roadmap.  We will also help you to identify the potential risks and hurdles to be overcome along the way to reaching your financial freedom.

Financial life planning is the cornerstone of what we do. We are passionate about true financial life planning and the benefits it can bring to you.  Our process follows the Kinder Institute EVOKE methodology developed by George Kinder in the USA:

E- Exploration

The exploration meeting lets you envisage a life truly worth living.  After all, what are we here for?

At this meeting we will work to focus in on what is truly important to you.  This usually includes your family and work ambitions and often buried deeper are creative leanings which can ecompass anything from travel to the creative arts. The possibilities are endless.

We will work to find out what lies at the core of your ambition and dreams and in doing so we can gain deeper insight in to you as a person. This will enable us to paint a truly representative financial picture.

V – Vision

In this meeting we will expand on your goals and deepen the vision of what is most important to you in your life.

O –Obstacles

Time is given to looking at what obstacles there might be to achieving your goals and discussion and guidance given on how these might be overcome.

K – Knowledge

This is where we introduce the financial piece.  We will create a plan which integrates our knowledge of you with our financial planning.

When undertaking this work we often use lifetime cashflow forecasts.  We would normally build up a number of these scenarios for you until a clear picture of the financial picture presents itself.

You can see an example of one of our Lifetime Cashflow Forecasts here (or download PDF) which we use to evaluate your financial status.

We will work through any shortfalls with you and suggest potential solutions and work arounds. We will introduce you to our asset management proposition and how this works to underpin your goals and objectives.

You will be more confident in your decision making having already reviewed the possible outcomes. You will also be confident that your protection, investments and pensions are set up in the most appropriate manner and you are not taking any undue or unnecessary risks.

By taking this considered approach to managing your finances we can add substantial value to your circumstances.

E – Execution

This is the final piece in the jigsaw with the implementation of recommendations and any investment advice.

The next stage is to agree whether you require our ongoing review services.

Do You Have A Question About Financial Life Planning?

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