Long Term Care

The cost of long term care can be difficult to determine, as it is impossible to predict the exact duration of care needed.  While the costs of care can be met out of existing funds or paid for by family or friends, there is a very real risk that funds will run out and debts build up.  This can be a very stressful time for the whole family.

We will work with you and your family to:

  • Guide you on the nature of the care required and your welfare needs. (We have access to the services of a national care advice provider which supplements our financial advice service).
  • Provide advice on the financial support that you may receive from the local authority or other organisation.
  • Design a financial plan to maximise income and protect wealth whilst providing the necessary care funding.
  • Provide guidance on the suitability of the range of insurances available on an immediate or deferred basis.
  • Provide a recommendation on the most appropriate solution based on your personal requirements and needs.

By working with us we are confident that we can take away the stress and uncertainty of long term care planning.

This is highly specialised field of financial advice and it is important to receive the most appropriate advice.  Phil O’Connor holds the CF8 Long Term Care Qualification which is a Financial Services Authority requirement for work in area.

Do You Have A Question About Long Term Care?

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