Are you looking for pension advice?

Our services in relation to pensions break down into three main areas:

1.     Pre-retirement planning
2.     At retirement planning
3.     Post retirement planning

Pre-retirement planning

At the outset we will work with you to set realistic retirement goals and work to achieve these via pension planning.

There are a multitude of choices when it comes to pensions and it is easy to feel confused by the jargon and let down by previous poor decision making or advice.   Don’t let this put you off pensions as they have many positives and for most people will provide the cornerstone of their income in retirement.

We have specialist knowledge of self invested personal pensions (SIPPs), Small Self Administered Pension Schemes (SSAS), Stakeholder, Personal Pensions, Retirement Annuity Contracts and occupational schemes like Final Salary and Money Purchase and can guide you through this maze.

We will help you to understand your pension plans in greater depth and enable you to plan successfully for your retirement.  We analyse what you have and ascertain whether there is any shortfall.  We then set you on course to the retirement you aspire to whilst taking away all the stress and worry of the decision making.

At retirement planning

So you have reached the point at which you wish to retire and are thinking how do I do this in the most beneficial manner?

Our advice service is designed to assist you to make an informed choice on the most appropriate and flexible retirement income option for you.

Post retirement planning

Once you have retired and draw pension benefits you will want to ensure that your retirement goals and income are met and we are with you every step.  We will provide you with ongoing review services which will ensure you remain on track and we will guide you appropriately on any changes required.

Do You Have A Question About Pensions?

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